I am the Co-Founder and technology partner for Bora Growth Partners, a consulting company with a focus on business strategy, digital transformation & innovation for small to large businesses in Sub-saharan Africa. My focus is on technology innovation & strategy, product development and new venture creation like PiCortex, an ERP business management solution for businesses.

I have spent the majority of the last decade in several tech roles from user experience researcher to mobile engineer, software engineer and product manager. In my time, I have leaned towards the financial tech space — from payments, lending & value-added services.

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Steven Sajja

Companies I have worked with

Aruba Networks—Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Mastercard Foundation
Bora Growth Partners
New Media Labs

How can I help?

I build technology to transform and bring clarity to your business. This is how I can help you.

  • Business Technology StrategyAvailable

    Your technology strategy is not agnostic of your business. I help you identify the right technology to use for your business case(s) — whether it is a website, mobile app, DTC via Shopify, social etc. Choosing the right strategy will set you apart from your competition

  • Software development

    As a software engineer, my focus is predominately on front end interfaces. I have coupled my experience in UX, Mobile development and full stack development to produce user friendly digital products.

  • Product strategyAvailable

    Building digital products requires critical thinking in not only how it is created but what is created. A product strategy is a framework for creating software/digital products. It compromises of discovery, ideation, customer & software development.

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Reach out to me on hello@stevensajja.com. If you have a bigger project, work with my team at Bora Growth Partners


Some kind words

Steven is ridiculously smart, kind and talented. No matter how tense a meeting, Steven makes sure everyone leaves with a smile. Steven has the ability to see the small details as well as the big picture, mix that with the rare combination of head and heart and you've got yourself one of the good ones. I believe he would be an asset to any team.

Maya LiepazHead of SME Growth at Treuvo Payments

I was lucky to work with Steven for almost 18 months at Yoco. The one thing that stands out to me about Steven was his ability to understand a product, how that product fits into a market, and how customers might receive or use that product. The questions he would ask as we built software products were incredibly insightful, and they often resulted in us making conscious changes or additions to the features we were building. I can recommend Steven for any future role he applies for.

Nathan KettlesProduct Manager at PayFast

What makes me different?

As a T-Shaped individual, at the intersection of business and technology, I build and sell software products.


Staying sharp

As an autodidact, I love to learn and bring my learning into my work. I am quick learner whether it is via the more traditional class room or Youtube University. I recently completed a PGDIP at the Graduate School of Business, University of Cape Town.



I have spent the majority of the last decade in a number of tech roles from user experience researcher to mobile engineer, software engineer and product manager. I have worked in early stage startups to Fortune 500 companies.



“Entrepreneurship is a personal growth engine disguised as a business pursuit.” ~ James Clear. I have taken on the journey of entrepreneurship from a young age — from selling t-shirts, flipping phones, to building business plans, websites, consulting & venturing into startups


Invested in the future

I teach computer programming to Color Code students who are typically people underrepresented in the tech industry. I have taught; HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Git, AngularJS, use of the commandline and other introductory topics.

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